CD-R software for Irix/Linux (cdwrite)


This patch should become obsolete when cdrecord gets Teac/JVC/Pinnacle support.

Current version of cdwrite (v2.0) doesn't support Teac/JVC/Pinnacle line of cdr drives. So I've started implementing support for those drives. At the moment it's still very alpha but seem to work for me with Pinnacle RCD-5040 and SGI Indigo2 running Irix 5.3. Linux support is not finished since I don't have access to Linux box with scsi card at the moment.(so I would appreciate if someone could hack it to work with Linux too :-) Current patch supports only toasting single ISO9660 images, haven't had time to add audio support or anything more complicated.

What you need is cdwrite-2.0.tar.gz and Dan Forrest's patches for SGI cdwrite-sgi.patch and, finally my patch for the Teac (and Pinnacle/JVC) drives cdwrite-teac-sgi-beta2.patch

First untar the tar file, then apply the patches:

  cd cdwrite-2.0 
  patch < cdwrite-sgi.patch
  patch < cdwrite-teach-sgi-beta.patch
  check the makefile and make necessary modifications	

As a first test you should try just that 'cdwrite -e' works, and use the -y switch (dummy mode, laser off) to see that the simulation of the writing works okay, before even thinking of trying actual toasting :) And REMEMBER that you will be experimenting on your OWN RISK, I DON'T give any guarantees that this patch will work for you or that it does what its supposed to do...


Old patches:



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